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Nesting software, true shape automatic nesting technology from Geometric
NestLib is an automatic nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on a larger sheet. NestLib incorporates several features which result in significant material saving. NestLib is one of the fastest and most featured automatic true shape nesting library available in the industry.
Why NestLib?
NestLib increases productivity
  •  Achieves entire nesting in just a few seconds
  • Contributes in completely automating the production line
 NestLib saves material
  •  Provides highly optimized and compact layout, thus reduces raw material consumption
  • Reuse of waste material
  • Predicts inventory requirement
NestLib is easy to integrate
  •  Quickly integrates with your existing system or product in less than 5 days
  • Minimal programming knowledge required
NestLib is flexible
  • Can be customized to meet diverse requirements and increase customer satisfaction
  • Classified modules for industry specific needs
NestLib can be used in the following industries
  • Sheet metal industry
  • Machine tools/machine manufacturers
  • Companies providing CAD/ CAM solutions
  • Leather industry
  • Wood working/cabinet making industry
  • Construction industry
  • Printing industry
  • Engraving/sign making industry
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers
  • Automotive and aircraft industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Dental industry
  • Pipe cutting
  • Facility layout / space planning
  • Product display planning in retail industry
  • PCB industry
  • Granite/marble/glass/plastic industry
Product availability
NestLib is available in the following forms.

  • 32-bit / 64-bit static library on Windows platform
  • 32-bit / 64-bit DLL on Windows platform
  • Support for .NET environment
  • Support for JAVA environment
  • Also available on Sun Solaris, and Linux platforms

It is extremely easy to integrate NestLib into your system. Powerful and flexible APIs are provided for integration.

We also undertake customization of the nesting algorithm, as per your requirements. For more information, contact NestLib Team