Powerful CNC Nesting Software, Base Module – NestlibĀ 

NestLib stands out in CNC nesting software providers by delivering most accurate, automated, true shape nesting programs for sheet metal, wood working, printing & packaging, machine tool manufacturers and agriculture equipment industries.

Salient features in base module:

  • Facility to specify nesting corner and nesting direction for each sheet as per the machine requirements
  • Facility to nest with more than one corners in each sheet
  • Nesting on non-rectangular sheets, having pre-cut holes
  • In a single run, NestLibĀ® can nest many sheets having different sizes and shapes
  • Nesting on partially nested sheet incrementally
  • Facility to attach cutter diameter (i.e. offset value) with each part and sheet profile
  • Facility to nest parts on a sheet containing holes
  • Virtually no restriction on the geometric complexity of parts and sheets
  • Priority support for nesting critical parts earlier
  • Part rotation control with user-defined step angle of rotation for each part
  • Filler parts for extra material utilization
  • Grain direction control for part and sheet
  • Choice of area or perimeter-based sequencing for input parts
  • Option to enable or disable nesting of a part, inside the hole of a bigger part
  • Preferential hole filling with the option of nesting parts inside the holes of larger parts first
  • Facility to define various cutting details like punch profiles and lead-ins in part drawings
  • Facility to specify different lead-ins at different nested orientations of the part
  • Grouping of parts. Facility to nest a collection as a unit with no constraint on the relative positioning of these parts
  • Guillotine cut support for non-rectangular sheets
  • Allowing finer programmer controls (adaptive nesting) over placement of parts
  • Multiple language error support
  • Facility to add parts and sheets at run-time
  • Automatically choose the best nesting direction for an order
  • Facility to provide different clamping widths for different sides of a rectangular sheet
  • Facility to allow nesting parts closer to the sheet boundary

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