Optimizer Module for Cutting Optimization Software

NOTE: This is an optional advanced module and needs to be licensed separately.

Optimizer module for cutting optimization software in NestLib is used mainly for getting the improved overall utilization of the nested layout. Optimizer essentially runs number of trial nesting jobs and chooses the one that gives the best utilization.

The strategies used in Optimizer have evolved from various practical engineering decisions made during nesting a job. These strategies have been developed by simulating human nesting and are a blend of theory and practice.

Some of these trial runs change some parameters like rotation angle, nesting direction, whether specific parts are to be paired and how are these parts paired, or the sequence in which these parts are nested. Whereas the other trial runs tweak either the main nesting algorithm, or some of its pre-processing algorithm in a variety of ways.

Apart from the optimizing techniques used within NestLib Optimizer, NestLib also provides control to the users to define their own trials.

The user needs to give three inputs to optimizer:

  • The expected improvement from optimizer
  • The number of trials that the optimizer should run
  • The time available for executing the optimizer

Nesting stops when one of the conditions mentioned above is achieved.

Our statistics show that 50% of the nesting jobs that use Optimizer show an improvement of about 0.5-8%.

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