Sheet Metal Nesting Software

Whether you are a small sheet metal working shop or a big multinational company, NestLib delivers a comprehensive sheet metal nesting software library to fulfill your requirements of combining various manufacturing processes and high-tech machines. NestLib covers punching, profiling, routing and knife cutting technologies.

Key Features for Sheet Metal Industry:

  • Fast nesting
  • Optimal results
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Large pool of additional optimization algorithms to incrementally optimize the results, if time permits
  • Supports free format 2-dimensional geometry both for raw material sheets and parts to be cut from the sheet
  • Enablers that allow dual optimization – optimize input raw material as well as optimize nested layouts.
  • Identifying and storing the remnant sheets.
 Sheet metal nesting software

Why NestLib

 Sheet metal nesting software increases production Increases Productivity

  • Achieves entire nesting in just a few seconds.
  • Contributes in completely automating the production line.
 Sheet metal nesting software saves material Saves Material

  • Provides highly optimized and compact layout, reducing raw material consumption
  • Reuse of waste material
  • Predicts inventory requirement
 Easy to Integrate Sheet metal nesting software Easy to Integrate

  • Quickly integrates with your existing system or product in less than 5 days
  • Minimal programming knowledge required
 flexible Sheet metal nesting software Flexible

  • Can be customized to meet diverse requirements and increase customer satisfaction
  • Classified modules for industry specific needs