Inventory Forecasting Module

NOTE: This is an optional advanced Module and needs to be licensed separately.

In a typical sheet metal industry, once a manufacturing order is received, based on the parts required to deliver the order, decision has to be made for procuring the sheet inventory. It is very important to predict and procure the inventory in correct numbers. Inventory Forecasting Module provides an easy-to-use tool to improve inventory forecasting. For a job order containing multiple part and sheet types, it is difficult for the user to select the best sheet type or best sequence of sheets in order to obtain best yield.

Options Available:

  1. Unique Sheet Forecaster – Selects the best sheet type amongst the types of sheets considered depending upon overall yield obtained. After knowing which sheet type is the best for that particular nesting order, the user can place an order for that much quantity of the sheet type. This will help in reducing the sheet variety – thus reducing the time required for machine specific sheet settings.
  2. Sheet Combination – If this method is selected, the feature selects a combination of sheet types from the set of sheets considered, depending on the overall utilization obtained. The sheets will be considered irrespective of the sequence in which the sheets have been added to the job order when choosing the best yield.


  • Better management of inventory and savings in ordering
  • Reduce cost driven by excess safety stock

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