Shear Cutting

This module enables cutting of a number of rectangular parts from large rectangular sheets.


NOTE: This is an Optional Advanced Module and needs to be licensed separately.

Shear nesting is intended for applications where a number of rectangular parts are to be cut out from large rectangular sheets.
This application has the following characteristics:

  • The parts and sheets are rectangular in shape. For non-rectangular sheets, NestLibĀ® provides the Guillotine cut feature in the base module.
  • The parts have to be nested on the sheets in such a way that they can be cut by a guillotine cut. A guillotine cut goes from one end of the sheet to the opposite end.

When the restriction imposed on the cuts (to be guillotine cuts) does not exist, Rectangular Nesting can be used.The objective is to nest the parts so that the trim loss is minimized. Typical applications of shear nesting include nesting of steel plates in ship building, nesting of panels and boards on wooden plates, nesting of glass plates, nesting of carpets etc.