Leather Nesting Software

NOTE: This is an optional advanced Module and needs to be licensed separately.

Leather nesting is a module in NestLibĀ® to address the needs of the leather manufacturing industry.

In the leather manufacturing industry, different parts of the animal hide may be of different leather quality, which may be due to anatomical reasons or injuries. There may also be holes on the hide. In practical applications, the parts or areas of a part may be required to be of high/ low quality. (e.g. the seat, the backrest, or the arms of the armchair must be of high quality whereas the other parts of the armchair can be of lower quality.

The parts must be placed on the hide corresponding to their quality. This means that the area of the part belonging to a special quality must be placed on the hide area that is of the same or of higher quality. The leather nesting module in NestLib takes care of all these requirements.

Salient features for leather nesting software

  1. Can be easily integrated with the existing in-house solution/s
  2. Flexible User Controls: Facility to add parts to the hide at run-time
  3. True Shape Nesting :Ā  Local Area feature to nest in specific region on the hide
  4. Completely automatized Solution
  • Specifies corner & direction for each hide
  • Preferentially nest parts in holes of larger parts
  • Nest filler parts for improved material utilization

leather nesting software

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